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saintgaudens hibernia high high point high point monument high point state park high school high school baseball highrise apartments highway bridge hiking in new jersey hill top church hilltop church hilton hilton hotel hilton hotel and casino hily family catholic church historic american car historic battle historic boat historic building historic cannonball historic chatham historic church historic court house historic district historic farm historic grist mill historic home historic hotel historic house historic inn historic jamestown historic middleton tavern historic monmouth county historic newport historic nj farm historic philadelphia historic places historic quebec historic quebec home historic site historic site in new york city historic speedwell historic square historic town historic van vorst park historic waterloo village historical canal village historical new jersey history history of warfare gallery historyhistoryamerican historynational war war ii memorial historythe historythe washington monument hitler's solid gold pistol hoboken hoboken terminal. lackawanna terminal holiday inn hotel holiday under the stars hollow holmdel holmeshendrickson house holocaust memorial holy family chapel holy trinity cathedral home of american cup home of james deering home of u.s. equestrian team homes homes of rich and famous homes on star island homes on the boulevard in jersey city hopatcong hope horse farm horseshoe barn horseshoe cove hospital hostoric site hot rod hotel hotel casper hotel de ville de montreal hotel du parlement building house house of common foyer house of commons house on commons houses hude park hudson hudson county hudson county courthous hudson county democratic organization hudson county gateway hudson county park system hudson highlands hudson motor car company hudson river hudson river overlook hudson river park hudson river valley hudson river walk hudson rover hudson valley hull human resources department hunterdon county hurd hurd park hyatt hyde park i i.c. bratianu hall ice rink ice rink. ice skating in new york city ice skating in central park ice skating in new york city ice skating rink icon immaculate conception chapel immigrant plaques immigration center impala impala convertible imperial in in honor of american warriors independence independence hall independence mall india house indian lake industrial information booth clock inlet inside the lincoln memorial institute of technology instrument of surrender interior of supremen court building international trade commission interstate park intracoastal waterway inuit people monument ion j.c. vratianu hall iowa class battleship ira allen chapel irish catholic church irish catholic president irish hunger memorial irish memorial ironia island island beach island beach state park islandthe italian garden italian jewelry italian section of manhattan iwo jima memorial j jacket from apollo 8 jackson brook jackson place jackson place on lafayette park jacob k. javits building jacqueline kennedy reservoir jacques cartier jacques cartier plaza james a farley james a. farley post office jamestown jamestown settlement jamrstown japaneese tea house japanese house japanese tea house jc jeanmarie hall jeannoel desmarais pavilion jefferson jefferson hall jefferson library jefferson memorial jerset jersey jersey bayshore jersey beach jersey beaches jersey central railroad jersey central railroad terminal jersey city jersey city campaign jersey city city hall jersey city heights jersey city homes jersey city public school jersey city university jersey city waterfront jersey city y jersey city yacht club jersey city ymca jersey coty counsel chambers jersey cuty jersey farm jersey gardens jersey lighthouse jersey remembers jersey shore jersey skylands jersey spring jersey state house jersey the garden state jersey. nj jersey. the garden state jerseynjjerseyessex jesey jesey beaches jesey farm jesuit college jesuit school jewish synagogue jewish woman of algiers jfk jihn marshall joachim and mary immaculate conception chapel jockey jockey hollow john f. kennedy john f. kennedy center for the performing arts john f. kennedy memorial center for the performing arts john fitzgerald kennedy john hancock tower john j john j. harvey john lennon john marshall home john singer sargent john smith john wilkinson heard jordan pond joseph stalin josephine shaw lowell memorial fountain journal journal square journal square section joyce hall justice thurgood marshall kaiser kaiser darrin kaiser frazer kaiser frazer corporation kaiser motors kant gate karl heinrich lehmann kennebec kennebec river kennebec warershed kennebec water shed kennebec watershed kennedy boulevard kent house keyport keystone state kill van kull kindred spirits by asher b. durand king of prussia king tut king tutankhamun kingston historic district korean war korean war memorial in atlantic city korean war memorial in washington dc kosciuszko sword kountze mansion kościuszko kościuszko monument kościuszko monument at west point kpmg building kunta kinte la citadelle of quebec la tour mcgill la viviere fountain lacrosse ladder 10 lady liberty lafayette lafayette park lafayette square lake lake askoti lake champlain lake champlain lighthouse lake como lake hopatcong lake marcia lake mohawk lake mohawk country club lake mohawk yacht club lake vhamplain lakeland lakelands lambertville landmark hotel late laurel hill park laurelwood laurelwood arboretum le 700 de la gauchetièrei le carousel le maison jacquet le marche bonsecours le palais des congress de montreal lead east lead east 2012 lefrak point lighthouse legal immigration legend of molly pitcher legislative office building les artiste de la table lewis morris park liberation liberty liberty bell liberty bell society hall liberty island liberty science center liberty state liberty state park liberty walkway library library of congress liewellyn park life guard station lighthouse lincoln center lincoln center for the performing arts lincoln hall lincoln harbor yacht club lincoln high school lincoln memorial lincoln park lincoln park lake lincoln statue lions in front of nyc library little gto little italy little red lighthouse little red school house little village country day school lobby of the quebec national assembly building lobby of the stanley theater lobby of time warner center lobby of trump plaza locks in the rideau canal loews hotel logan circleben franklin parkway logan square long branch long valley longstreet farm lord and taylor loto quebec building louis armstrong lowe office building lowell fountain lower house of canadian parliament lower manhattan lsc lummus park lusk reservoir lutheran church luxury car luxury sedan m1919 browning medium machine gun ma ma. mass ma. massachusetts macarthur causeway macdougal alley macy's macy's christmas windows macy's department store macy's thanksgiving day parade macy's windows madison madison avenue mahan hall maimi sunset main foyer independence hall main highway in romania main streeat annapolis main street main street bar harbor maine maine coast maison kent maison maillou maison vandelac major general cemetery major general daniel butterfield mall malletts bay manasquan manasquan inlet manasquan river manchester manhattan manor montmorency mansion mansions mantoloking marbel house marguis de lafayette maria raymond house marina marina in annapolis marine corps memorial marine memorial marriott chateau champlain hotel martin luther king boulevard martin maher martin maher cottage mary queen of the world maryland maryland legislative services building maryland state capital maryland state house maryland state office buildings masachusetts. mass mass massachuserrs massachusetts massm boston strong massm faneuil hall maurice richard maurice richard arena may mayor curley mayor of the poor mccarthy arts center mcgill mcgill university mcgrawhill building md me meadowlands meadowlands race track meadowlands racetrack meadowlands sports complex medal of honor memorial memorial day memorial hall memorial hall. fairmount park memorial national amphitheater memorials mendham mendham lake menfham menlo mercer county mercer county new jersey merchant marine merchant marine memorial mercury mercury 8 mercury montclair mercury monterey merry christmas methodist church methodist episcopal church metlife stadium metropolitan metropolitan museum of art metropolitian life insurance buiding mew jersey mew york city miami miami beach miami beach loews hotel miami city hall miami dade county miami international boat show miami sunset miami yacht club miamidade county courthouse michie stadium middle school baseball team middlebury middletown middletown tavern midland beach midsize car midtown midtown new york midtown new york city military academy military base military college military drums military museum military school millburn millburn park miller farm millionaires row ministry of defense minor league baseball miracle on 34th street miracle on 34th street christmas windows mission church model t mohawk molly pitcher molson house monastery monmouth monmouth battle monument monmouth county monmouth county 911 memorial monmouth county court house monmouth county court housr monmouth county hall of records monmouth county historical association monmouth county park system monmouth park monmouth university montague montaque montclair monterey montmorency falls park montmorency manor montmorency river montpelier montpeller montreal montreal biodome montreal botanical gardens montreal canadians montreal cathedral montreal chinatown montreal city hall montreal convention center montreal fine arts museum montreal nelson column montreal olympics montreal royals baseball team montreal science center montreal skyline montreal skyscraper montreal stock exchange tower montreal street artists montreal's olympic stadium montville monumental eroilor sanitar moon over miami moosehead lake morning morning fog morning in new york city morning on the washington mall morris morris canal morris county morris county court house morris county park morris county park commisson morris county park system morris county. the skylands morris plains morris township morristown morristown green morristown national historic park morristown national historical oark morristown national historical park morristown national park morton f. plant mansion mount mount desert island mount freedom mount mansfield mount royal mount royal view mount tabor mountain mountain lakes mounties movie palace ms mt. arlington mt. mansfield muscle car muscle car. american automobile muscle cars musconetcong river musee du fort museum museum military museum museum of early trade and crafts museum of history museum of national history museum of romanian history museum of television and radio museum of yachting music group musical ride mys nac naion's capital names of amerucan heros napoleon bonaparte napoleon's pistols napoleon's sword narragansett bay nash nash metropolitan natioanl historical site natioanl park natioanl park sites in new york city nation's nation's capital national national arts center national assembly of quebec national bank building national bank of romania national botanical gardens national broadcasting corporation national capital region national cemetery national center for the performing arts national football league national gallery national gallery of canada national historic of canada national historic park national historic site national historic site of canada national historic site of canadarideau canal national historic site. vanderbilt mansion national historical park national historical site national korean war memorial national mall national memorial national memorial arch national memorials national monument national monuments national museum national park national park service national park. national historical park national parks in new york city national postal museum national recreation area national seashore national shrine of canada national war memorial national war war ii memorial national world war ii memorial nations capital city natirar native americans nativity scene at st. patrick's cathedral naval history naversink naversink river navesink twin lights navy shipyard navy war ship nazi eagle nba nbc nbc studios nbc tv nd ne jersey skylands nebuchadnezzar nee york state nelson column neport netcong new england new england aquarian new england coast new england hal new england hall new england village green new englandm new englandvermont new hall new jersey new jersey 9 11 memorial new jersey beach new jersey beaches new jersey botantical gardens new jersey city university new jersey farm new jersey gardens new jersey grist mill new jersey historic site new jersey in the american revolution new jersey korean war memorial new jersey shore new jersey skylamds new jersey skylands new jersey skylands. nj skylands new jersey skylands. spring new jersey skylnads new jersey sports and exposition authority new jersey sports authority new jersey state botanical gardens new jersey state house new jersey state park new jersey state park statue of liberty new jersey transit new jersey transit terminal new jersey vietnam memorial new jersey vietnam war memorial new jersey world war ii memorial new jesey new jesey skylands new quebec city new years new years eve new years in nyc new years in the city new yok new york new york bay new york brownstone new york city new york city apartment building new york city at christmas new york city christmas new york city fire department new york city hall new york city library new york city nyc new york city on new years new york city tug boat new york financial district new york fire boat new york fire department new york harbor new york jets new york library christmas tree new york life insurance building new york nys new york on thanksgiving new york skyline new york skyscraper new york state new york state bridge authority new york state park new york stock exchange tree new york subway new york symphonic orchestra new york waterways newark newark new jersey newengland newjersey newport newport jersey city newport yacht club newportpell bridge news corp headquarters news years day news years eve newton newton green nfl nicolae balcescu hall nicolle hall nj nj gardens nj ghost town nj jersey nj shore nj skylands nj spring nj state botanical gardens njjpg nnorthern vermont nomahegan park north bergen north campus north cove north cove brookfield place north cove marina north end north end of bost north end of boston north western new jersey northeast harbor northeast war memorial northeastern new jersey northern jersey shore northern jersey shorehistoric monmouth county northern new jersey northern new jersey shore northern vermont northwestern new jersey northwestern nj notre dame baldachino notre dame cathedral notre dame de bon secours chapel notre dame of victories notre dame street novembe np npd nps nurses memorial nutcrackers nuuchahnulth house nw york state ny ny giants ny jets ny library ny waterways ny waterways ferry nyc nys nyu oas oas headquarters oca ocean ocean breeze fishing pier ocean county ocean county court house ocean drive ocean grove ocean liner oceanport oceanrhode ochre court of off broadway theater office old cadet chapel old city hall old city hall philadelphia old custom house old custom house montreal old first church old hall old iron sides old ironsides old lafayette village old mill old montreal old north church old ottawa city hall old pan american airways terminal old philadelphia old quebec old quebec city old vergennes vermont school house olde olds oldsmobile oldsmobile 98 oldsmobile starfire olympia olympic stadium on the wall in the lincoln memorial one room school house ontario orange county orangenew organization of american states organization of world heritage cities orthodox orthodox cathedral orthodox catherdral orthodox church orthodox church of america orthodox monastery orthodox sinia monastery orthordox christians orthordox church ottawa ottawa city hall ottawa river ottawa school of art our lady of fatima our lady of good help chapel our lady of victories our lady's chapel our nation's capital. our nation's capital. the national mall our nations' capital oxford pa packard packard clipper paddle steam boats painting of st. anne paintings in the canadian senate chamber palace palace of the parliament palace of the parliament building palace of the people palacescliff paley center for media palisade interstate park palisades interstate parkway palm court palm island pamam pan american union building para parade of cadets parc de la chute montmorency paris by antonio canova park park avenue park city parkglenmontliewellyn parknewportrhode parkthomas parkwest parliament building parliament entrance parliament hill parliament library parsippany new jersey parsippanytroy hills parterre pass in review passaic passaic county passaic county court house passaic river paterson path path subway path transportation center patio from castle of velez bla patriot's path paul paul gaugin paul revere pavilion building peacock alley peapack peapack gladstone methodist church peapackgladstone peles castle peles palace pelisor castle pemberton house penn pennsylvania pennsylvania avenue performing arts center pergola perseus with head of medusa pershing road peter peter's valley peter's valley's sussex county phaeton convertible philadelphia philadelphia art museum philadelphia family court building philadelphia historic district philadelphia irish memorial philadelphia merchant's exchange philadelphia public library philadelphia waterfront philadelphia zoo philadelphia zoo balloon ride philharmonic hall philippine surrender document philly philosophical hall philadelphia phonenix house picnic area piece of the berlin wall pier pierce arrow pierre bonnard pierre du calvet house pike's peak pikes peak pine creek railroad pinelands pinelands national reserve pingrey pinr creek railroad piscataway.nj pissarro place place d'armes place d'youville place de la faq place jacques cartier place montreal place royale place ville marie in montreal plains plains of abraham planned community playground of the rich playground of the rich and famous plaza plaza bridge pleasant plymouth plymouth division plymouth fury plymouth sports fury pocahontas point point pleasant point pleasant beach pointe a calliere museum police cruiser police training center pompton river pontiac pontiac bonneville pontiac division pontiac gto pontiac gto convertible pontiac motor company pontiac motors company pontiac. pontiac chieftain pope innocent. jiovanni battista popularity port imperial port of quebeccity portrait of leo faustinr postcards the 9 11 memorial postmaster general prep school presbyterian presbyterian church preschool presentation drum and sticks president president franklin d. roosevelt president franklin d. roosevelt home president franklin d. roosevelt stemware president franklin roosevelt president jefferson president kennedy president library president lincoln president roosevelt president roosevelt car president's car president's house presidential election 1960 presidential home presidential home. fdr home presidential library presidential museum presidential museum and library presidential summer home prevel hall prime minister prime minister's residence prince edward princeton princeton battle state park princeton university private business club private college private lake private prep school prorodeo hall of fame protestant cathedral protestant chapel protestant church province of ontario province of quebec provincial capital building of quebec provincial flag public gardens public library public school pulitzer fountain pulpit rock purple knight qubec national assembly chamber quebec quebec archaeological dig quebec city quebec city boardwalk quebec city hall quebec farm house quebec history quebec parliament building queen elizabeth queen mary ii queen victoria queens quincy market racetrack radio city music hall rahway river railroad station railroad terminal ramparts of quebec ramparts of quebec city randolph randolph museum randolph park beach raritan raritan bay rebirth memorial red bank red corvettes red cross regatta at sainte adresse remembering our brave service people rene levesque boulevard rené edward de russy republicii street restaurant 1600 retirement in new jersey revolution revolution square revolutionary war rge garden state rhode island rhode island coast ri rich richmond richmond borough hall richmond county bank ball park rideau canal ridgewood riding stables ringwood ringwood state park ripen rittenhouse square river river view park robbin reef light robert e. lee robert morris statue robert's garden roberts garden rock and roll rock and roll party rockaway library rockefeller center rockefeller center angels rockefeller center at christmas rockefeller center christmas angels rockefeller center ice skating rink rockefeller center toy soldiers rockland and orange counties rockland county rocky coast of main rocky coast of maine rocky mountains rocky mountains denver airport romaina rpyal residence romainian capital building roman roman catholic college roman legionnaire romanai romanesque architecture romania romania highway romania orthodox church romania peles castle romania royal palace romania summer palace romania town romania traffic jam romaniam eastern european romanian romanian army club romanian athenaeum romanian capital romanian capital building romanian capital buildng romanian carpathian mountains romanian national art museum romanian orthodox church romanian palaces romanian parliament building romanian royal residence romanian sheep romanian shephard romanian summer royal residence romanian town romanian town hall romanian village ronald regen building rondolph roosevelt museum rosa bonheur rose garden rosecliff rosecliff's backyard rosewood etagere built by alexander roux round round barn route 89 route 9d rovolutionary war rownstones royal coach royal embassy of saudi arabia royal family royal mounted police royal palace royal portraits royal portraits portrait of king george iv royal portraits portrait of queen victoria royal residence royal summer palace royal summer residence rue bonsecours rue de la commune rue saint jacques rue saint jean baptist rue saint paul rue saint paul street rue savit au matelot rue st. louis rue st. paul rumson rumsonfair haven regional high school russian embassy in washington russian orthodox church rutgers rutherford rutland ryan hall s cathedral s catholic church s02 sacred sacred heart sacred heart cathedral sacred heart church sailing sailing capital of america sailing club saint anne of beaupre saint bartholomew's church saint edmund's hall saint joseph's oratory saint lawrence river saint paul street saint peter's preparatory school sake department store saks saks fifth avenue saks fifth avenue at christmas salem baptist church salvation army. red kettles salvatore ferragamo at christmas samuel de champlain sanctuary lamp sand sand beach sandy hook sandy hook bay sandy hook lighthouse santa santa claus sardi's reastaurant saturday night live scenic drive school for students with disabilities school house school no 20 schooley's mountain schooley's mountain general store schuylkill river science center science hall sda sea bright lawn tennis and cricket club sea girt sea plan terminal seagram's building seaton hackney stables secaucus second bank of the united states sedgwick monument service academy seside seven lakes drive seven river seville seville apartment shadowlawn shark sheep run estate shelburne shelburne museum shelburne railroad station shenandoah nationsl park shepherds sherbrooke street shewsbury shongum shongum lake shopping mall short hills simmer olympics simons fountain sinaia sinana sinana monestery sinann sipot villa site where washington took oath of office skateing in the city skating at bryant park ski areas ski resort ski trails skiing skiing in the carpathians skiing jersey skyhawk skylands skyline skyline drive skyline of miami skyscraper small college smc smith and wollensky steak house smithsonian institute smugglers notch society hall society hill society hill towers soho soldierarlington soldiers and sailors monmount somerset county somerset county courthouse somerville someset county south beach south beach life guard station south boston south cove south orange south orange reservation south street santa south street seaport south street seaport museum southern vermont southwest harbor southwest village southwest village yacht basin space museum spanish american war sparata sparta speakres pole speedwell damn spermaceti cove sports car sports complex sports fields sports uniforms spring spring at shongum lake spring at the frelinghuysen arboretum spring at the jersey shore spring at the shore spring in belmar spring in bergen county spring in burnham park spring in essex county spring in florham park spring in hurd park spring in jersey city spring in millburn spring in morris plains spring in morristown spring in new jersey spring in newark spring in nj spring in princeton spring in randolph spring in robert's garden spring in sea girt spring in short hills. spring in the skylands spring lake spring lake beach spring sunrise springtime springwood spruce peak spuyten duyvil railroad bridge square ss savannah st st aloysius church st doms st george st. st. agnes church st. aloysius high school st. alphonsus st. alphonsus liguori st. alphonsus liguori chapel st. andrew's church st. andrew's presbyterian church st. anne's basilica st. anne's episcopal church st. bart's st. bartholomew's episcopal church st. benedict st. benedict chapel st. catharine st. catharine's st. catharine's catholic church st. catharine's church st. catherine street st. dominic's academy st. edmund hall st. edmund's hall st. elefterie church bucharest romania st. eter's episcopal church st. george st. george ferry terminal st. george staten island st. george terminal st. george waterfront st. gerard st. gerard majella st. jacques street st. joachim st. john baptiste de la salle st. john neumann st. john the baptist st. joseph catholic church st. joseph chapel st. joseph oratory st. joseph's chapel st. leonard's catholic church st. louis gate st. mary's catholic church st. michael's college st. michael's college chapel st. michael's college fire and rescue squad st. michael's college president's house st. michael's college vermont st. mike's st. mike's concert st. partick's cathedral st. patrick st. patrick's st. patrick's basilica st. patrick's cathedral st. patrick's cathedral's high altar and baldachin st. patrick's catholic church st. patrick's church st. patrick's great organ st. patrick's roman catholic church st. patricks st. paul street st. paul the apostle church st. paul's chapel st. paul's church st. paul's episcopal church st. peter's st. peter's church st. peter's college st. peter's episcopal church st. peter's prep st. peter's roman catholic church st. peter's university st. thomas church st. thomas episcopal church st. virgil's catholic church stables stain glass windows stained glass window stained glass windows stalin star city. multiplex theaters star island starfire state state capital state capital building state capital of virginia state coach state house state line overlook state park state teachers college staten island staten island 9 11 memorial staten island baseball stadium staten island court house staten island ferry staten island island yankees stateriplayground states american stateu.s. statin island station statue statue double chech statue in front of quebec parliament statue of atlas statue of jackie robinson statue of jacob red auerbach statue of liberty statue of lincoln statue of president lincoln statue of queen victoria statue of thomas d'arcy statue of thomas jefferson statue of walt whitman statue of walt whitman at bear mountain status symbol stavropoleos church stephens stevens institute of technology stowe stowe church stowe vermont strawberry fields stream street entertainer sts sts. peter and paul orthodox church studebaker studebaker packard corporation studebakerpackard corporation stutz stutz bearcat stutz motor car company subcompact car submarine sucre coeur chapel summer cottage summer home summer houses summer mansions summer palace summer palaces summer pavilion summer residence summer royal residence summer white house sunrise in new york city sunset lake supreme court supreme court building surf surfers surfing surrender document susses county sussex county sussex county court house sutton place swann fountain synagogue séminaire de québec tall ship tall ships tall ships at south street seaport taps tarrant student recreation center tayloe house taylor hall taylor park tbird tehran conference tempest lemans temple beth el tennis club tents terrace dufferin thaddeus kosciuszko house thames street thanksgiving thanksgiving day thanksgiving in new york thayer hall the 1976 olympic games the academy of music the aemory the aldred building the allen house the altar in the cadet chapel the american revolution the american revolution in new jersey the american wing of the metropolitan museum of art the amerindians the amphitheater the amphitheater at arlington national cemetery the anderson memorial fountain the apple store the archives the arms and armor court the arts the asian gallery the asian gallery of the metropolitan museum of art the assembly chamber the assembly chamber in independence hall the assembly room the bar harbor inn the barney balloon the basilica cathedral of notre dame the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception the bass harbor light house the battery the battle flags in cadet chapel the battle of austerlitz the battle of bunker hill the battle of leuthen the battleship new jersey the bay state the beach the bear mountain inn the beautiful shore path the bell tower of independence hall in philadelphia the belmont house the bergen section the bergeron center at st. michael's college the bernards inn the berwind family summer cottage the betsy ross house the big apple the big j the billings library the black church the black knights the black river the bonsecours market the bonsecours market in montreal the boulevard the boulevard montmartre on a winter morning 1897 the breakers the brilliant the bronze statue of jefferson the cadet chapel the cadet chapel stained glass windows the canadian capital rotunda the canadian house of commons the canadian senate the canadian senate chamber the canadian throne the capital the capital city the capital of the united state the capital of the united states the carpathian mountains the carroll and milton petrie european sculpture court the cathedral church of st. peter and paul the cathedral of sacred heart the catholic basilica of the immaculate conception the ceiling of canadian senate chamber the centennial flame the centennial state the central block the central park dairy the central university library the challenger. memorial the champlain monument the channel garden angels the channel gardens the charging bull the chateau dufresne the chocolaterie cafe besto in quebec the christmas show the chrysler building the circle line the citadel in quebec city the citadelle of quebec the city the city of brotherly love the cliff walk the cobb house the columbarium the commandant's quarters the confederation building the congressional medial of honor the continential army the coral reef yacht club the corvair the court the cretulescu orthodox church the cross estate the cross estate gardens the dade monument the dailey news the dakota the dandelion fountains the daughters of catulle mendes the de tourny fountain the declaration of independence the defense ministry the devil's tower the divine fairmont the doors of the basilica the doughboy monument the drexel house the duncan the durick library the durick library on st. michael's college campus the east block the east block ottawa the east river the east side the eden roc hotel the edmondites the electra havemeyer webb memorial building the elleylong music center the elms the emoire state the emperor bonaparte the empire sta the empire stat the empire state the empire state. the engagement ball the equestrian monument to george washington the essex sussex hotel the executive residence the fairmont the fairmount hotel the falcon the famous blue box the fashion walk of fame the fifth avenue presbyterian church the first bank of the united states the first congregational church the first continental congress the flag of the province of quebec the fleurdelise the founding fathers the fountain in front of the quebec parliament building the franklin d. roosevelt presidential library and museum the free quaker meeting house the frelinghuysen arboretum the frontenac the galaxy the garden of thegods the garden state the garden stateey the garden states the garden statey the garment district the geeen mountains the general motors building the george washington bridge the german garde du corps helmet the gettysburg address the gettysburg address in the lincoln memorial the giants the gilles gallery the governor's chamber the grand hotel the grand staircases washington dc the great fall the great falls the great hall the great hall in the library of congress the great hunger the great white way the green the green montains the green mountain state the green mountain states the green mountains the green mountains of vermont the greenville branch the hague apartment the heights the helmsley building the hemsley building the hershhorn museum. the american history museum the hill the hoehl welcome center the holcomb observatory the holidays in new york the holocaust memorial the holy family painting the horse fain the horseshoe the house of representatives the hudson river the hudson river valley the immaculate conception chapel the industrial revolution the international tennis hall of fame and museum the intrepid the intrepid sea the irish catholic president the irish hunger memorial the izod center the jefferson market library the jefferson memorial the jeremiah j. and kathleen c. tarrant student recreation center the jersey city armory the jersey city heights the jersey shore the jersey shore movie anne the jets the john g. diefenbaker building the judical branch of government the key stone state the keystone the keystone state the kingston mill the korean veterans war memorial the korean war memorial the lakelands the liberty bell the library the lincoln memorial the lobby of the loew's theater the loew's the loew's jersey the long gallery the long gray line the lotte new york palace hotel the macy's thanksgiving day parade the majestic apartment the mall the margaret todd the marland inn the meadowlands the memorial amphitheater the met the metropolitan the metropolitan club the metropolitan museum the metropolitan museum of art the metropolitan opera the metropolitian museum the metropolitian museum of art the miami tower the middlebury inn the mill the molly pitcher inn the montmorency falls the montreal museum of fine arts. the morris canal the mount royal club the museum of natural history the museum of yachting the music center the narion's capital the narrows the narrows in new york harbor the narthex of st. bart's the natio's capital the nation's attic the nation's capital the nation's capital capital city the nation's capital city the nation'sl capital city the national archives the national art gallary the national bank tower the national capital the national cathedral the national mall the national shrine and national cathedral the national world war ii memorial the national zoo the nationalmall the nationsl mall the nativity scene in trinity church the naversink river the new jersey shore the new jersey skylands the new jersey sore the new jersey sylands the new york ballet the new york giants the new york peninsula hotel the new york plaza the newport ri art museum the nj skylands the north end the norther jersey shore the northern jersey shore the northern shore the notch the ocean state the odeon theater the old dominion the old line state the old north church the orana maria the organ at st. patrick's cathedral the palace the palace hotel the palace hotel lobby the palace of parliament the palace of the people the palace paar the palisades the parterre the peace tower the peking the pemberton house the peninsula hotel the people's house the people's palace the philadelphia belle the philadelphia irish the place royale the plain at the united states military academy the plain at west point the plaza the plaza at christmas the plaza hotel the pond in central park the president franklin d. roosevelt memorial the president's guest house the prorodeo hall of fame the province of ontario the pulpit in st. patrick's basilica the purple knights the quad joyce lyons ryan and alumni halls the quebec flag the quebec funicular the queen the queen city the queen elizabeth hotel the queen mary the queen mary ii the queensboro bridge the rahway river the registry room the revolution the revolutionary war the ritz the ritz carlton the rockettes the rocky mountains the rooseveltvanderbilt national historic site the rose city the ross sports center swimming pool the rotunda in the canadian parliament building the rotunda of the canadian parliament building the royal bank tower the royal square the rue sous le fort the sailors' church the schooner pioneer the seagram building the second bank of the united states the senate the senate foyer the service women's memorial the seville the shofuso house the shore the shore path the siesta the silk road bridge the simons fountain the skyland the skylands the skylands of new jersey the skylnads the solow building the south dock the south street seaport the space shuttle challenger memorial the stage deli the stain glass windows in the cadet chapel the stanley theater the statue entitled the camp the statue of liberty the statue of president lincoln at sunrise national monuments the steam boat ticonderoga the summer cottages the sun life building the sunshine state the superintendent's quarters the supreme court the sussex inn the séminaire de québec building the tarrant center the teaching gardens the teardrop memorial the telegranh the terrace at vernonnet the tgaddesu kosciuszko house the thayer the thayer hotel the three statues at the vietnam war memorial the throne the ticonderoga the tidal basin the tidel basin the times square ball the titan prometheus the todd house the tomb of the unknown the tomb of the unknown soldier the tour de la banque nationale the tower of the quebec parliament building the twin lights the twombly summer cottage the u.s. constitution the u.s. military academy the u.s. treasury the unicef snowflake the union league building the united nations wakk the united state botanical gardens the united states capital the united states capital building the united states supreme court the university of vermont and state agricultural college the us treasury the uss cassin young the uss constitution the uss maine the vanderbilt estate the vanderbilt summer cottage the vanderbilt summer mansion the vanderbilts the vanderbilts mansion the vanderbilts summer mansion the vermont state capital the verrazano narrows bridge the vietnam veterans war memorial the vietnam veterans war memorial memorial the vietnam women's memorial the village green the waldorf the waldorf astoria hotel the wall the wall at the vietnam vietnam war memorial the wanaque reservior the washington memorial the washington monument the water works the waterman building the wavertree the west block the west point club the west point museum the west point parachute team the west point visitors center the westside the while house the white house the white house china the white house crystal the white tower the wick house the wiggles the willard the willard hotel the winooski river the winooskt gorge the winter encampment the winter garden the wizard of menlo park the wolfman the wollman rink the woolworth building the world famous plaza the world famous waldorf astoria hotel the world war ii memorial the wyndham grand bay the wyndham sisters theater district there thomas thomas edison thomas edison national park thomas jefferson thomas jefferson statute thompson mansion thompson park thoroughbred horse racing three soldiers thunderbird thurgood marshall memorial thurgood marshall united states courthouse tidal basin tidel basin tiffany tiffany and company tiffany blue tiffany's time warner center times sqaure times square tin lizze tobacco ship tomb tomb of the unknown tomb of unknown tomb of unknown soldier torktown totem pole of canada totem poles tour de la bourse tourist office tower town hall towne townhouses toy soldiers toy store trailside museum and zoo training center transylvania transylvania mountains trecentenary monment tremont trenton trinity church trophy point trophy point amphitheatre at west point trump tower tug boat. turnpike cruiser tv ad u. s. armed service dogs u. s. army u. s. history u. s. marines u.s. air force u.s. air force academy u.s. armed forces u.s. army u.s. army fort u.s. browning machine gun u.s. coast guard u.s. constitution u.s. government u.s. hero dogs u.s. history u.s. marine corp u.s. marines u.s. merchant marine u.s. military academy u.s. navy u.s. service academy u.s. state department u.s. supreme court u.s. treasuary building ubs building udson river ugolino and his sons ukrainian church ukrainian national shrine un unicef unification boulevard union county union station unirii hall unirii hallm romanian capital building unitarian church united united nations united nations parish united nations secretariat building united state airforce united states american united states army united states capital united states house of representative united states house of representatives united states military academy united states military academy heliport united states of america united states postal service museum united states senate united states war dog memorial united states washington dc university university of arts building university of vermont université laval unsafe car upper eastside upper new york bay upper new york harbor upper west side us bank us history us k9 soldiers us nany ship us navy us navy ship us revolution usa usa capital usa classic cars usaf usbg uss cassin younf us navy ship uss cassin young uss john f. kennedy aircraft carrier uss ling uss maine mast memorial uvm va va. virginia valley valley forge van van cleef and arpels van vorst park vandelac house vanderbilt estate vanderbilt mansion vanderbilt mansion on the hudson vanvorst park venetian dessert table venetian islands vergennes vermont vermont barn vermont catamounts vermont covered bridge vermont farm vermont highway vermont historical society museum vermont history museum vermont in autumn vermont lighthouse vermont railroad station vermont round barn vermont ski resort vermont state house vernon vernon township verrazano bridge versace versace house vest pocket park veterans veterans memorial vette via building victorian victorian architecture vienna vietnam vietnam memorial vietnam veterans memorial vietnam veterans wall memorial vietnam veterans war memorial vietnam veterans war memorial wall vietnam war vietnam war memorial vietnam women's memorial view from parking area on thayer roof village blacksmith shop village episcopal church village green vincent c. ross sports center vinland virgin and child virginia virginia capital virginia colony virginia state house virginia. skyline drive viscaya viscaya estate viscaya mansion and gardens visitors center vito genovese vt vt. new england wagner college seahawks waldorf astoria walkalantic wall of honor wall street wall street at christmas walled city walnut grove m.e. church walnut street garden walnutnut stree garden walpack center walt whitman war war 1812 war between the states war canoe war dogs war dogs american hero's war memorial war museum war ship warner brothers theater warren county warren county court house warren county farm washerwomen washingto washingto dc washingtom monument washington washington arch washington county washington dc washington hall washington headquarters washington heights washington memorial washington memorials washington momument washington monument washington neighborhood washington park washington park christmas tree washington square washington square park washington vallet washington valley washington valley post office washington valley school house washington's pistols washington. president washington wastington valley water water falls waterfront waterloo village watson island wayne weehawken weehawken 9 11 memorial wellington street west long branch west milford west new york west orange west point west point band west point cadet chapel west point cemetery west point military academy west point museum west point parade west point visitor's center west village westside of manhattan westside park wetlands wetlands1 whale whippany whippany river white house crystal white house of the confederacy whitehall ferry terminal wildcat willard hotel willard intercontinental hotel william cullen bryant memorial william dickinson high school william j. brennen courthouse winooski winooski gorge winooski river winston churchill winter winter at the shore winter encampment winter in new jersey winter in the skylands winter resort wizard wnbc staff wolfman jack wollman rink women of the unintes states millitary women's memorial working farm world financial center world great arts museum world heritage city world trade center world trade center site world trade tower world war i world war i memorial world war i memorials world war i tank world war ii world war ii american merchant marine world war ii battlefield marker world war ii conference world war ii memorial world war ii trophies of war world's great art museum world's great museum wyndham hotel yacht club yachts yalta conference ymca york yorktown yorktown national park yorktown victory monmount young ladies ofthe village youville square zuccotti park